There is in souls a sympathy with sounds
As the world seemingly lurches towards hate and fear now seems like a good time to make something truly beautiful, as a statement and an opposition, as well as a defying act of creation.

Discovering the spirit of place

The Road To Mount Helicon
Evenings of quiet beauty

Map 165
Being ugly is easy; beauty takes effort.

The Sound Of Film
Celebrating the art of the film soundtrack

Sound designer and director of Quadratura, an interactive audio/video projection company.

Stillborn With Apples
Geophysical Electronic Music

Belle Atmos
Post-apocalyptic noir soundtrack jazz. Imagine pop rivets in a willow pattern soup tureen, a New York license plate washed up in the Burmese delta, Charlie Parker as a short order chef in an Alice Springs service station, lizards on a dead farmhand and waiting in line behind a Belgian social worker reading Bukowski.

Labyrinth of Nomadic Passions
Contemporary ambient storytelling

Sound @ The Muse
Nights of soundscapes, improvisation and sonic art