An exhibition of soundscapes and video installations

24th – 26th November 2011 at GV Art



Written On Silence is an exhibition of immersive soundscapes and video installations by composer and artist Martin A. Smith.

The exhibition explores the aesthetics of landscape and the way sound creates, alters, reinterprets or enhances our emotional response to the nature and spirit of place, memory and environment.

The show includes the first public display of Salt, an audio/visual evocation of the drowned landscape of the Camargue, created in collaboration with film makers Ivano Darra and Walter G. Reed.

Written On Silence was accompanied by live performances curated by SoundFjord and Martin A. Smith from leading musicians and sound artists who create works that traverse the sonic domain.



And the Year
On the earth her death-bed, in a shroud of leaves dead,
Is lying.

Featuring a performance by Irina Baldini

Download the soundtrack at Bandcamp



An installation reflecting on the way each individual affects the shape of the planet and our environment.

The phrase "Here be dragons" is used to denote dangerous or unexplored territories, in imitation of the medieval practice of putting mythological creatures in uncharted areas of maps. Some ancient maps also used dragons as symbols of sin.

As you pass in front of the image the contours on the maps will be altered, directly affecting the shape of the land. Your face will change the face of the planet.

The accompanying soundtrack recites a series of map references of man made disasters in the world.

Featuring a performance by Irina Baldini



God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.
J. M. Barrie

An installation of memories and of thoughts half remembered.

Download the soundtrack at Bandcamp



Salt is an audio visual evocation of the drowned landscape of the Camargue, inspired by the land, sea, fauna, flora and traditions of the area as well as writers and historical characters such as Lawrence Durrell, Frédéric Mistral and King René of Anjou.

Salt continues an ongoing exploration of the sprit of place and the concepts of society and landscape. It delves into these themes and presents aspects of culture, locality and nature as an integrated evolving whole.

Created in collaboration with film makers Ivano Darra and Walter G. Reed.

For more about Salt click here
Download the soundtrack at Bandcamp



Inside every film there are numerous other stories looking to be told. By reframing the image, using extreme close ups and manipulating the sound some of these hidden stories can be revealed.

The Birds Sings With It's Fingers is the first in a series of films within films and is inspired by Jean Cocteau's Orphée. Every image, sound, even the title come from the original film.



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Thursday 24th
Opening night of the exhibition with a dance performance by Irina Baldini
6pm to 9pm

Friday 25th
Exhibition from 11am to 6pm
Evening performances "The Extemporisation Series/No.I: Improvisations" curated by SoundFjord

Padang Food Tigers

Tim Yates

Charlie Sdraulig

Noura Sanatian

Russell Callow

Laurent Rodriguez

Stephen Cornford, Angharad Davies and Daniel Jones

Saturday 26th
Exhibition from 11am to 6pm
Evening performances from 7pm - 11pm

Katie English

Jack Chuter

Tim Hooper



Martin A. Smith
Martin A. Smith is a composer and sound artist whose work is concerned with the creation of atmosphere rather than of form, melody or rhythm, of creating an environment through subtle and harmonious changes rather than through force.

Walter G. Reed and Ivano Darra
Walter G. Reed and Ivano Darra are two independent film-makers who have been working on different media, from art/experimental video, to short-film, music videos, documentary and dance.

GV Art
GV Art is a contemporary art gallery which aims to explore and acknowledge the inter-relationship between art and science, and how the areas cross over and inform one another.
The gallery produces exhibitions and events that create a dialogue focused on how modern man interprets and understands the advances in both areas and how an overlap in the technological and the creative, the medical and the historical are paving the way for new aesthetic sensibilities to develop.

SoundFjord is a gallery, research unit and venue dedicated to the Sonic Arts.
The gallery was founded to redress the current lack of exhibiting space exclusively for works of sound art and focuses on the exhibition and documentation of art works, the development of artists within their creative and research practices, and ultimately, the promotion of sound art and its related interests to a wider audience.